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Apple cutting orders iPhone X affecting Korean OLED panel export

When iPhone X was launched in late 2017, it steer up excitement of OLED industry, as OLED was always regarded as future of display due to its advantage of crisper and easier on batteries than their liquid-crystal predecessors. However, after two quarters, Samsung Display was already expected to cut investment in OLED due to oversupply. With the iPhone X still selling in the market, how bad can it be for the OLED industry?

Recent data of Korea OLED panel export shows a free-falling trend, post a strong pick up in 3Q17 due to iPhone X launch. Like due to the order cut from Apple, the Y/Y of OLED panel export value in USD declined for the first time in Feb 2018 as the order correction continued.


Nevertheless, industry was still expecting upside since Apple rumored to roll out new 5.8″ OLED iPhone with a cheaper cost in late 2018, as well as more cell phone makers may adopt the technology due to the lower cost of the panel.

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