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What's Sandalwood Go?

Sandalwood Go aims to revolutionize your idea generation experience. Imagine a platform that

gives you live sales data of more than 1,000+ listed companies at the touch of your fingertips.

How many Alpha Generating Ideas are you able to generate?

Sandalwood Go Feature 1:Data Visualization
Data Visualization
10k+ built-in charts with customization tools and functions, displaying key metrics of interest and mapping competitive intelligence for trends at a glance.
Sandalwood Go Feature 2:Alpha Signal Generator
Alpha Signal Generator
Highlights on insight key takeaways for your idea generation.
Sandalwood Go Feature 3:Data Download with One-Click
Data Download with One-Click
Download multiple data and reports with one click – efficient delivery with unmatched speed.
Sandalwood Go Feature 4:Built-in Search Engine
Built-in Search Engine
Built-in search engine makes quick search possible to find data points of interest among 100,000+ brands and 400+ sectors in Sandalwood database by ticker, company, sector, data source and others.
Pay As You Go For Instant Product Access
Pay As You Go
Sandalwood Go provides a cost-effective solution that answers to constant shifts in your research needs.
Flexible service terms offered - no more ties to long-term contracts. No additional charges incurred upon service suspension.
Flexible Subscription
Diverse Product Offerings: subscribe by data source, sector, company, and package - only to what you need.
Flexible Service Term : 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Monthly payment acceptable.
Multiple Product Versions: Basic , Standard and Premium. Customization available upon request.
Instant Product Access
Place order with one-click and get immediate product access upon purchase on Sandalwood Go.

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